Terje Nordvåg
Managing Director SINTEF Narvik

Terje Nordvåg has a Masters degree in Applied Physics. He has worked in large E&P projects in the oil & gas industry (Kværner) for 16 years until joining NORUT Narvik in 2004.

Email: terje (at) tek.norut.no
Phone: (47) 92 669 990
Homepage: https://norutnarvik.no/terje-nordvag

Dagfinn Johnsen
Administration Manager SINTEF Narvik

Dagfinn Johnsen has previously worked within business management at LKAB and Siemens. At SINTEF he has been involved in developing business plans and economic models for new industrial production concepts.

Email: dagfinn (at) tek.norut.no
Phone: (47) 954 99 396
Homepage: https://norutnarvik.no/dagfinn-johnsen

Ross Wakelin
Research Manager, Process & Environmental Technology

Ross Wakelin has a PhD in Chemical & Process Engineering and worked for 15 years on separation technology and particle technology in the pulp & paper industry before joining NORUT Narvik in 2005. His research activities with process & environmental technology have covered a wide range of fields including waste valorisation, multiphysics simulations and feasibility studies.

Email: ross.wakelin@sintef.no
Phone: (47) 99 252 485
Homepage: https://norutnarvik.no/ansatte-pmt