European Cooperation Day in Oulu

The European Union provides financing for cross-border collaboration projects through different regional programmes, such as Kolarctic Cross-Border Cooperation, Interreg Nord and Northern Periphery and Arctic Programmes. To raise the profile of these financing programmes an Exhibition is being held in Oulu between the 21-25 September 2020. More information about the exhibition is available here.

The SEESIMA project is one of 15 EU-funded projects selected for the INNOVATION ACROSS BORDERS Exhibition to illustrate with concrete examples how working with partners in neighbouring regions benefits the research and business environment in each region, as well as it contributes to creating more sustainable communities.

The SEESIMA project is represented by Tiina Leiviskä and Hanna Virpiranta, and the poster presentations will be open for the public to view during business hours of the week 21-25 September. Later the Exhibition will be available as an online display.

Experimental work on sulphate reduction underway

Breakdown of sulphur-containing minerals often results in the release of sulphate (such as with acid mine drainage). One way to combat the environmental problems that this causes is to use certain types of bacteria that reduce the sulphate back to sulphur or sulphide compounds.

Sulphate reduction and metal sulphide removal experiments are going on at the University of Oulu. Sulphate reducing bacteria are cultivated in bottle scale and tested for utilization of KemiCond treated sewage sludge and succinate. At the same time synthetic mining water is treated, and iron is recovered as FeS. Furthermore, tests with other low-cost carbon sources and real mining waters, as well as reactor experiments are planned to be started in the autumn 2019.

sulphate reduction experiment over 2 weeks
Sulfate-reducing bacterial consortium cultivated in synthetic mining water at 6 °C with succinate as a carbon source.
continuous flow reactor for sulphate reduction experiments
Continuous up-flow reactor built up for biological sulfate reduction experiments

For more details, contact Hanna Virpiranta