LKAB proceeding with evaluation of mine waste valorisation

The valorisation of mine waste is part of LKAB’s sustainability strategy. A recent press release from LKAB announced that they are proceeding with the development of processes to recover Rare Earth Minerals and phosphorus from the mining waste from the mining operations in Malmberget and Kiruna.

LKAB has had collaboration with a Ragn-Sells subsidiary, Easymining, since 2018, with the establishment of a 45 MSEK pilot plant, as posted earlier. The developments are now proceeding to the next phase, involving further partners, and leading to an investment decision for full-scale implementation for mine waste valorisation.

The process is described as involving production of a apatite concentrate by flotation of the mine waste. The concentrate is then to be processed with acid dissolution, producing phosphorus, rare earth minerals and gypsum.

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